Marcus Ulrich

+1 (805) 719-8429


Web DeveloperJuly 2015 - Present

  • Redesigned and using React and Redux as part of an initial team of three that has since grown to ten.
  • Optimized sites by improving EdgeCast CDN usage, prefetching data, and caching client side when possible while working towards a progressive web app architecture.
  • Created an internal dashboard to run tests and display results using React and Fluxible. Explored server-side rendered React for use sitewide.

The Orange County Register

Web Editor December 2005 - March 2011

  • Created the OCR Panel: A resizeable, draggable container written with the YUI and Google Maps API V2. Reporters used a configuration wizard to create hundreds of customized maps with it.
  • Configured the OCR Panel to work with the crime, restaurant, real estate, and traffic JSON feeds that powered the Traffic Page and the community pages. Created the JSON feeds by scraping various government sources.
  • Created a method to accurately map undocumented TBXY coordinates in an early version of the California Highway Patrol's XML feed to latitude and longitude.
  • Created a parser to make real-time election HTML pages with charts for each contest.


News/Production DirectorAugust 2003 - June 2005

  • Managed and trained reporters.
  • Produced and organized daily news segments and a weekly news program.

Gobierno de EspaƱa

North American Language AssistantAugust 2011 - June 2014

Programming Examples

  • MMI Slideshow: A jQuery widget with configurable lazy loading of photos, optional sprite-based thumbnails for pagination and responsive image sizing. See an mmi slideshow describing my projects.
  • Cluster Manager: A javascript library for clustering and managing markers with Google Maps API. It's faster and more configurable than other clusterers. Demo
  • A Ghost/Node.js site with a custom theme, Sunset, which can make an mmi slideshow from any directory of images. The previous version was a Wordpress site with a customized version of the Twenty Eleven theme.



Used the following professionally or in at least one personal project

Languages: JavaScript, Python, Objective C; some C/C++, Ruby, PHP, Java, Swift
Javascript: ES6/7, React, Redux, Fluxible, React Native, Node, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Angular 1, Handlebars, YUI, jQuery, Mocha/Chai, Enzyme, QUnit, Google Maps API
Frameworks/Cloud: Django, iOS, Zope, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine
Programs: Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Fabric, Wordpress
Design: Semantic HTML, Responsive CSS, PhotoShop
Unix: Docker, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, OS X
Numerical Analysis: MATLAB, Octave


Native: English
Advanced: Spanish
Basic: French, Mandarin, Basque
News Writing: Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 3rd in the nation


University of California, Davis

Major: B.S. Mathematics
Minors: Computer Science, Economics



Available on request