I'm Marcus Ulrich, a programmer and journalist with over 8 years experience building web applications in JavaScript and Python that can withstand the unpredictable crowds of a news website and reliable enough for a high volume e-commerce site.

I spent three years living in Spain and the Basque Country working part time as a language teacher and the rest of the time on various web programming projects, blogging, perfecting my Spanish, and learning Euskara (Basque), French, and Objective C.

Some things I've helped build

  • Vegas.com mobile site: A React client-side, single-page web app that replaces the older server side version.

Some things I've built

  • MMI Slideshow: A jQuery widget factory application written from scratch. It includes configurable lazy loading of photos and optional sprite-based thumbnails for pagination and responsive image sizing. Demo
  • mallocs.net: A Ghost/Node.js site with a custom theme, Sunset, which can make an mmi slideshow from any directory of images. The previous version was a Wordpress site with a customized version of the Twenty Eleven theme.
  • Cluster Manager: A javascript library for clustering and managing markers with Google Maps API. It's faster and more configurable than other clusterers. Demo
  • A parser to make real-time election day HTML pages with charts for each contest.

Some things I've written

Countries I've Visited


ulrich at mallocs.net